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Student Guidance & Support

Counselling Service and Student Guidance

Life doesn't always run according to plan. External factors and situations can interfere with your actual motivation, financial status, relationships, etc. Sometimes it will be to your benefit, but other times you might experience this in a negative way. To help our students through these possibly unpleasant episodes in their lives, Belgium Campus provides free counselling and guidance for all students who are in need of support, by a qualified Psychologist and professional counsellor who are part of the permanent staff. To further assist students through their time spent here at Belgium Campus, the university offers mentorship programmes, peer learning and extra classes. Study methods can be reviewed if students feel they are struggling in certain aspects of their studies.


Students with Special Needs

Belgium Campus is committed to offering people with disabilities or specific needs access to all courses. If you suffer from a long-term medical condition, disability or have specific needs, ew may be able to provide you with assistance to complete your studies and examinations.

As a learning service we are able to offer to you a flexible, accessible way of learning and endeavour to:

  • Assist you to participate fully, as your circumstance allow, in all aspects of study;
  • Help you study effectively and on equal terms with other students;
  • Assist you to build towards national qualifications through formal assessment. 
We are proud to announce that we are the first South African institution to start a special program for deaf students. In the beginning of 2015, 8 students have started the diploma in information technology program, in a specially adapted classroom. We also employed the service of a sign language interpreter. The interpreter lives on Campus and assists not only in class, but in the communication with other students and Campus staff as well.