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South Africa’s ICT industry lacks the talented individuals required to sustain the country’s robust ICT infrastructure. With each passing year, companies are finding it more difficult to get the right candidates and when they do, keeping these candidates is a challenge due to the shortage of skills in this field. There are simply too many employers vying for the same number of candidates, placing many companies at a disadvantage.

Belgium Campus is dedicated to alleviating the challenges experienced by companies who do not have sufficient candidates in the ICT field, while also supporting youth who are unemployed and need certain skill sets to work in this sector. Our exceptional programmes allow those who wish to learn the theory of ICT and its practical applications, to excel when they reach the world of work.

In the case of employees working within a corporate environment, we also provide the facilities to help them achieve the qualifications necessary for their positions with minimum disruption to work commitments.

For those companies looking to employ candidates with the right skill sets who can make the most productive contribution, Belgium Campus can assist. Making a positive contribution is our commitment to the people of South African and corporate South Africa.

Jan Rombouts