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Belgium Campus-NID Cooperation

Belgium Campus prepares to empower deaf students

Belgium is dedicated to the upliftment of our community. The latest development towards our goal is the cooperation with the National Institute of the Deaf (NID) in Worcester, to assess the viability of creating accredited ICT courses for deaf and hard of hearing students.

As part of the assessment, Belgium Campus invited four students from the NID together with their interpreter to experience what Belgium Campus is all about. During their 3 day visit to Belgium Campus, the students attended various classes, including multimedia. The students also had the chance to visit the Hardware Lab where they were shown the 3D printer, robotic arms and the new Solmon solar monitoring system.

The next step in this new cooperation is to develop courses suitable for the NID students. When that has been achieved, Belgium Campus will be one of the first institutions in the South Africa to offer an ICT qualification at NQF level 7 for deaf students.  Belgium Campus is very excited about this new cooperation and hope to accommodate a full class of 8 deaf students in 2015.

Belgium Campus-NID Cooperation