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Belgian Interns

A few weeks ago we introduced you to our one of our Belgian interns, Perrine Delers, an Office Management with Project and Event Management student. During her time at Belgium Campus, Perrine is joined by two other students who were also doing their internship at Belgium Campus but in something very different from Office management, Applied Computer Science!

The interns in question who we have the pleasure of having in our IT Department are Cynthia Vanoirbeek and Jasper Palmaers, both from the PXL university college of Hasselt and both studying Applied Computer Sciences with Application Development. With both of them studying within the field of Application Development, they are tasked with developing a new Android app for the Belgium Campus aptitude test allowing it to be done on various mobile devices without having to visit the campus. They have also working on improving the test’s existing site.

Just like Perrine, both Cynthia and Jasper have not been spending their time in South Africa just working. They have taken various trips and enjoyed the country too. When not working, our guests enjoyed visiting the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in Komdraai where they got to play with lion cubs, the FNB Soccer City Stadium for the Soweto Derby, going on safari and visiting Hatfield.

Doing your internship overseas is not only about working and exploring another country, it’s also benefits candidates as the they prepare for the business world as Jaspers explains: “Belgian companies will look towards me as a motivated, social person, who is flexible and isn’t afraid of new challenges.” This sentiment is echoed by Cynthia: “Well, doing an internship abroad shows that you’re open to new things, that you’re independent and not afraid of a challenge. We also had the chance to go to other European countries but I think that coming here shows that you are not afraid to travel or to adapt”.

Its seems that every student, who either comes to South Africa or visits Europe cites this new ability to adapt and the independence it brings as one of the main reasons they chose to be part of their respected programmes. This is truly something no student should miss out on.