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Bachelor Degree of Computing

A Bachelor's degree remains the standard of entry into many professional careers. Although a four-year academic programme may seem expensive, a Bachelor's degree is a solid investment in a student’s future career. Graduates with a Bachelor's degree, are more likely to benefit from a higher income and broader career options compared to their peers with a diploma.

The Belgium Campus Bachelor Degree of Computing consists of three years of academic training and one year of workplace training. We strongly believe in the value of real world experience. Third year students with good grades can apply to complete this in-service training in Belgium. If selected by one of the Belgian companies, students are enrolled at a Belgian university while completing their training. Each selected student is awarded a bursary of €900 per month for accommodation, local travel and daily living expenses. Students who do not qualify for the international in-service training or who prefer to stay in South Africa, complete their workplace training locally.

Our degree is accredited for 506 credits on NQF Level 8. Similar academic offerings at other higher education institutions are usually accredited for 360 credits and Honours degrees for 480 credits.

The curriculum contains the theoretical foundation for skills including conceptualisation, modelling, abstract, critical and analytical thinking, recognition and problems solving. We emphasise the importance of applying theoretical knowledge in practice. We teach our students to present good practices and solutions and to integrate certain abilities throughout different disciplines. Practical exercises, assignments and projects are used as a true representation of day-to-day business tasks. Assessment is done on both academic content and the validity of its implementation. We expect our graduates to use business-specific skills and soft skills, to show professionalism in their communication, to take into account customer satisfaction, to be a strong team player and/or team leader and to teach others. In their final year, students conduct academic research and present their findings in a formal dissertation.

We offer two study streams in the degree:
Business Intelligence
Software Engineering