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For the past 3 months the Belgium Campus has had a visitor from Belgium.  Miss. Gaia Verhulst came to the campus to do her internship for her 2nd Masters which is being completed at Aseri Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.


She has a Masters in Comparative International Politics and in International Corporation and Development. Gaia had to look for companies to do her internship at by herself.  She decided to do her internship at the Belgium Campus because she was interested in the opportunity to learn about technological innovations that she was never exposed to before.

 Gaia was a Technical Project Assistant. She was working on the development strategy of The Bothlale Village. The tasks that she had were:

·         The Model for how innovation will be done at the Bothlale Village.

·         Project proposals and financial requests.

·         She wrote a report explaining how BC is expanding.

She learnt about the IT Corporate world which was unknown to her, she grasped it and she said that it was an interesting area to explore. Gaia has always been interested in the development in South Africa as she is familiar with all the challenges.

She was inspired by how Belgium Campus as one institution can make such an impact in a countries development.