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On the 6th of May 116 of our students received their Diplomas and Degrees in Information Technology studies. This year, 63 students graduated with Bachelor of Computing Degrees, 3 students graduated with Bachelor of Information Technology Degrees and 50 students received their Diplomas in Information Technology.

In his speech, Prof Jan Rombouts, the Chairman at Belgium Campus said, “We contribute almost 10% of the country’s ICT graduates and we want to continue to make a mark in the ICT industry in South Africa and the world over. This year, we began a special scholarship program for girls. This was because of the need to close the gap of the lack of females that exists within the ICT industry.”

Prof Enrico Jacobs, the Vice Chancellor also shared the same sentiments as he congratulated the students. “Today we celebrate the success of all our graduates, this has been a culmination of their hard work. I would like to salute the Belgium Campus Education Faculty for all the hard work that went into producing these graduates.

The highlight of the ceremony was undoubtedly the passionate and heartfelt speech by the valedictorian of the class of 2016, Anjole Muller. She graduated with a summa cum laude, in the Bachelor Degree of Computing program. Her speech reflected her ambitious and aspirational mindset. She applauded the graduates and encouraged them to continue to work hard.

The Dean of Students, Prof Thinus Kritzinger, commended the graduating students for having consistently shown excellence in their academic studies during their time at Belgium Campus. Among the dignitaries present at the ceremony was Mrs Nokuzola Ehrens, the Chairperson of the Women in ICT.

Belgium Campus continues to work tirelessly to produce graduates who are truly globally-minded, highly skilled and employable within the ICT industry. We would like to congratulate all newly graduated students. We wish them the best in the exciting new phase of their lives as they begin their journey towards making their mark in the ICT industry.