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Bachelor Degree of Information Technology 

The Bachelor Degree of Information Technology consists of three years academic training. As with both our degrees, this qualification allows you professional entry into some of the biggest names in ICT or sets you on the path to creating your own enterprise within the sector. This new Bachelor degree is similar to our 506 credit Bachelor Degree of Computing, but it is less mathematical orientated. Also there is no in-service training year or dissertation.  This course is more focused on Information Systems modules which cover from mobile or wireless networks, to Artificial Intelligence or intelligent systems over the three years. The Belgium Campus Bachelor Degree of Information Technology is accredited for 360 credits on NQF level 7

With regards to elective subjects, students have the option of choosing the following; Business Management, Mobile Programming (both Windows and Android) and Game Programming using XNA. Students also do Software Engineering and Programming 300 – Java. In their final year, students do a third year project in a simulated work place environment. The major technologies used in this course are; .NET Framework, C#, Java, PHP, SQL, XNA and WPF

Specialisation: Software Development

Within our Bachelor Degree of Information Technology, you will learn to become a proficient programmer. You will learn the paradigms of Object‑Orientated (OO) programming and Event-Driven programming. The applications you develop will be deployed on desktops, networked computers, on the internet and multiplatform devices.