Bachelor of Computing

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Bachelor of Computing

  • Location: Tshwane Campus, Ekurhuleni Campus, Nelson Mandela Bay Campus
  • Duration: 4 years (3 years of academic, 1 year of workplace training)
  • NQF: Level 8
  • Credits: 480
  • SAQA ID: 62689

Troubleshooting and formulating viable solutions are essential computing skills. Our Bachelor of Computing will enable you to apply theories and integrate them in real-world environments, across multiple disciplines, by presenting best practices and solutions.

The curriculum contains the theoretical foundation for the conceptualisation and modelling of solutions, the use of abstract, analytical and critical thinking, and it refines the student’s ability to recognise and solve problems.

Practical assignments and projects completed in this degree are congruent with daily practices in the working world, so assessments are always done with both academic content and practical implementation in mind. This means you will acquire business-specific and ‘soft skills’, including communication skills, customer satisfaction training, the ability to work as a team player/team leader, and the ability to teach others.

In the fourth year, you will have the remarkable opportunity to complete an internship at a national or international company. In addition, you will conduct academic research and present your findings in a formal dissertation.

This bachelor of computing has the following specialisations:

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