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The Future of IT and the Ideal IT Professional


At Belgium Campus iTversity our students have the opportunity to attend a range of master classes, covering pertinent IT subjects presented by experts in the field. These classes provide our students with vital industry knowledge and skills, including an understanding of the latest software and technologies used in industry today.

On the 10th of February 2020, we were joined at our Pretoria campus by renowned European Data Scientist, Prof. Dr. Jos De Brabanter, from the University of KU Leuven. Mr De Brabanter gave our 3rd year Business Intelligence students a week-long master class in Mathematical Optimization.


During his visit, we had an opportunity to sit down to find out his thoughts on the future of the IT industry, as well as what he believes every IT professional needs to excel in today’s digital landscape.

"The IT industry global market can be organised into five categories:


With the digital revolution, the ‘Emerging Technology’ category will grow exponentially in the future and our students must be educated and trained so that they are prepared for the digitization in industry.

The ideal IT professional has, in my opinion, the following properties:

  • Technical skills (mathematics and programming): C^(++), Matlab, R, Python, Computer Science, Linear Algebra, Infinitesimal Calculus, Statistics, Optimization Theory, Numerical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), Internet of Things (industry 4.0), Block Chain, 5G etc.
  • Business skills: dashboards, monitoring, Lean Six Sigma etc.
  • Soft skills: learning new skills, business domain knowledge, communications etc.

Future industry trends include: Machine Learning, Internet of Things (industry 4.0), Block Chain, Artificial intelligence, 3D Printing, Robotics, 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality and Biometrics, and while it is important to be aware of these trends, it is also importance to be aware of the challenges that lie ahead. The biggest challenge to IT in the future is Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity could negatively impact connectivity to public networks and if these problems cannot be solved, a closed private network time will arise, resulting in less information exchange.”


Nurturing dynamic and competent IT professionals is at the top of our agenda at Belgium Campus. We go the extra mile by hosting world leaders in the field, to teach and help mould our students. Our ability to do this, combined with our holistic approach to education and our close relationship with industry, allows us to produce well-rounded graduates capable of evolving to meet the industries rapidly changing needs.